Water Leak Adjustment Guidelines & Form

The City of Pelham Water Works offers courtesy assistance in the event a customer experiences a substantial increase in water use due to a water leak.


To ensure your application gets processed in a timely manner, please carefully review the following Leak Adjustment Guidelines:

  • The customer must submit a completed Leak Adjustment Form provided by the City of Pelham. Leaks must be repaired prior to review of the account.
  • Applicant must have been a customer of the City of Pelham Water Works for at least a six-month period at the address being considered.
  • No more than one leak adjustment credit per twelve-month period will be provided.
  • Your utility account must be paid in full and kept current until the leak adjustment is reviewed and a decision has been made.
  • Receipts of repair must be submitted, if applicable.
  • Non-eligible requests would include: Outside faucets that have not been turned off properly, leaking hose pipes, toilets that have been turned off and not repaired, irrigation system leaks due to damaged sprinkler heads, faulty valves, etc. (An adjustment to the Sewer portion of your bill may be given with proper documentation.)


  • When a request has been approved for an adjustment, your average “normal” monthly use is calculated based on your prior use history for the past twelve months.
  • A credit is then given for those units used above this average “normal” use. The excess units are then credited at a lower rate than the actual billing rate.

Request for Water Leak Adjustment Form