• Mailing Address
    32 Philip Davis Street
    Pelham, AL 35124
  • Phone Number
    (205) 620-6407
  • Hours
    08:00 AM, monday --- 05:00 PM, friday

Municipal Court has jurisdiction over motor vehicle and traffic violations, criminal misdemeanors and municipal ordinance violations established by the Code of Ordinances and committed within the city limits of Pelham, Alabama.

To plea Not Guilty and take a case to trial, a defendant must appear in person on the court date and time shown on the citation.

If a defendant wishes to enter a plea of guilty, certain charges may be paid without appearing in court. To obtain the amount of these fines and other information regarding a citation, a defendant may contact the Pelham Court Clerk’s office at (205)620-6407. Please wait 48 hours after receiving a citation before calling for information.

After the amount of the fine has been established, it may be paid in person or by mail no later than the court date shown on the citation. A defendant may pay the fine with cash, money order or cashier’s check. Master Card and Discover Cards are accepted in the office, with a 2% convenience fee added. No personal checks can be accepted.

Please use this link to pay a fine online. PAY ONLINE using Visa, Mastercard or Debit Cards.

To pay a fine by mail, the defendant should sign the Plea of Guilty/Waiver of Rights set forth on the back of the citation, and mail it with payment.

Mailing Address:
Pelham Municipal Court
P. O. Box 1419
Pelham, Alabama 35124

When paying in person, payment can only be accepted from the person who received the citation.

Failure to pay or appear by the court date will result in a Warrant for arrest and may result in suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license.

Defendants with a clean driving record have the opportunity to keep a good record by attending a defensive driving course. If a defendant wishes to apply for driving school, they must appear in court on the specified date and time and indicate to the court that they wish to take advantage of the driving school offer. The Court will check the defendant’s driving record for prior citations. Further information regarding the driving school may be obtained by contacting the Pelham Court Clerk’s office at (205) 620-6407.

A Spanish interpreter is available at every court session. For other interpreter services, please contact the court 2 weeks prior to your court date to arrange the type of interpreter you will be needing.