How much will my permit cost?

Please see Building Permit Fee Schedule. Also, if you are dealing with commercial properties, there is a State Craft Fee we add with the permit cost. The State Craft Fee is charged $1.00 for every $1,000.00. For more information about the State Craft Fee please contact the permit clerk.

My business is moving into a new building, what do I need to do? How do I get my water turned on?

Fill out the Business Occupancy Inspection Request Form and there is a $25.00 inspection fee assessed by the Building Department which is due prior to the inspection. Inspection times are 7AM-9:30AM and 12PM-2:30PM. The inspector does not call, they just show up. Once the inspector approves your inspection, you will be ready to get your business license, at this time you will be issued a verification of compliance (VOC) for the water department.

How do I get a garage sale permit? How much are they? How far in advance can I apply for one?

Come to city hall and fill out an application for garage sale permit. All garage sale permits are $10.00. You can submit for a garage sale permit no more than five (5) days prior to the proposed garage sale. Each garage sale permit is valid for a period not to exceed two (2) consecutive days. You are only allowed two (2) garage sales per year.

Is there a permit required for signage?

The City of Pelham Sign Ordinance requires the issuance of a permit to erect, change or alter any type sign. The square footage of the building determines the copy area and height allowed for signs. A plot plan will be needed for any pole sign or monument sign. The permit fee is based on the cost of improvement